Tim Lewis has spent over thirty years gaining experience in operations, safety and training.  He began his career as an avionics technician for the US Air Force, transitioning through airlines, large private aviation firms, and a major oil company.  His keen eye for detail, safety, quality control and customer service has served hundreds of FBO operations.  Mr. Lewis has trained hundreds more people in safety, supervision, training, quality control and operations. 

During Tim’s time with Landmark Aviation as the Director of Training, he took on many more roles than his title depicts.  Landmark was a growing organization where he was valuable in acquiring locations, procuring equipment, training, safety and change management. Furthermore, he developed many programs for Landmark, including

·         Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for all FBO operations

·         Train the Trainer (T3) for all company Trainers

·         Computer Based Training (CBT) programs for regulatory, company and function specific training

·         Transition / change management program for newly acquired locations

·         Quality control checklists for all locations

·         Aircraft towing certification program

Tim’s transition teams implemented programs and procedures to thousands of people across four countries and two languages.  They conducted audits and gap analysis that propelled positive changes company-wide.  The shift of mindset and safety awareness brought about a safety culture which fed perfectly into the Safety Management System (SMS) with which he was on the development and implementation team.

Today, Mr. Lewis is the founder of GT3 Ops Consulting where he can apply his skills and experiences in helping other companies and individuals grow and thrive.  His expertise is for all industries but is borne of an amazing aviation background.



Prior to starting GT3, Mr. Lewis served as:

Director of Safety Training for Signature Flight Support, a BBA company.  While there, he procured and implemented a new Learning Management System (LMS) that provided training for all employees at all levels.  He converted and transferred hundreds of existing courses from their old LMS to launch on the new one.  He also developed analytics from the LMS to assist in predictive risk metrics.  Tim wrote new programs for Signature, including supervisor, mentor and career progression.  As a Signature Director and former Landmark Director, he served on the National Aviation Transport Association (NATA) Safety Committee.

Director of Training for Landmark Aviation prior to the sale of Landmark to Signature, where Mr. Lewis utilized his intrapreneurial spirit to help grow the company after Encore FBO purchased and transitioned Landmark Aviation, Ross Aviation, Odyssey Aviation, individual locations and won airport FBO bids.  While at Landmark, he established a thoroughly successful T3 program, ran the transition teams, wrote new operational and training programs, grew a productive corporate training department staff, taught live classes, developed transition budgets, established vendor relations, oversaw fuel quality control and equipment maintenance.  He joined Encore with eight locations in 2007 that grew to seventy two locations before selling to Signature in 2016.

Regional Sales Manager for Air BP Aviation Services from 1999 - 2007.  Mr. Lewis was a Regional Sales Manager for Valley Oil Company before they renamed as Epic Aviation and merged with Air BP to form Air BP Aviation Services.  Always an Air BP representative during his tenure, he trained other reps and clients branded with other oil companies during the transition.  The sales approach was simply to establish personal relationships with customers and help them grow their business with solid quality control and safety practices, better buying positions, improved operations and top customer service – consulting customers in return for fuel sales.

General Manager for Trajen Flight Support from 1995 – 1999.  Tim started as a Line Service Technician (LST) for the first Trajen FBO operation in Sacramento and, soon after, opened their second location as General Manager.  He was responsible for establishing and growing the FBO at the former Castle Air Force Base in California.  Tim obtained the location’s military fueling contract and other contracts with customers who enjoyed the long runway and open ramp space.  While there, Mr. Lewis was actively involved in the highly political environment of a Joint Powers Authority (which oversaw the conversion of the old base), the Castle Air Force Base Air Museum Education Committee and the Rotary Club.



B.S., Business Administration - Strategic Management, California State University of Sacramento

AS, Business Administration, Sacramento City College

AS, General Technology, Sacramento City College

AS, Aviation Technology, Sacramento City College

Certificate of Completion, Sacramento Entrepreneurship Academy

Certificate of Completion, ISO9001 auditor/lead auditor, Caliso

Certificate of Completion, SMS for Managers, Flight Safety



2012 Circle of Excellence Award - Landmark Aviation

National Defense Service Medal

Eagle Scout



Private Instrument Pilot – Tim loves to fly and did so while as a Sales Manager for Air BP Aviation Services. 


Avid Sailor – living in the Clearwater, FL area lends itself to some great sailing.  Mr. Lewis is an active member of the local yacht club.


The Fixer – owning a home provides lots of opportunities to act as plumber, electrician, carpenter, mechanic and landscaper.  All these skills are applied to sailing and business as well – Tim has fixed a lot of broken operations over the years and loves the satisfaction of seeing a job well done.